A mighty fine life.


So here’s what happened: way, way back in the day, before blogging or social media or anything remotely resembled the modern internet existed, I had a Sailor Moon website on AOL. And then it moved to Tripod and I started other sites, with various original writing projects, fansites for other TV shows, the works. They were all lovingly designed and coded by hand, years before I had any idea what a content management system was.

Verson Eight: Ever After

Once upon a time, queenitsy.com looked like this. Also once upon a time, Internet Explorer for Mac existed. Lulz.

Then I got a little bit older, and self conscious about having my poetry on the internet (seriously, you guys, it was so, so bad), and outgrew most of the ongoing original writing projects in favor of attempting to write publishable novels. I drifted far, far away from Sailor Moon fandom and have been in and out of a handful of fandoms since, producing tons of fic and whatnot. I’ve built and forgotten about bunches of sites. Most of my online activities have mutated and changed as I’ve gotten older.

My first website went up when I was in middle school. I’m now pushing 30, is what I’m getting at.


I’ve decided to turn this place into a sort of hub for all of my fannish writing. I’m not going to bother importing it on here, because man that would take a lot of time, but once I’m done brushing off the dust and cobwebs, you’ll be able to find links to all of my fic and meta. Not to mention places where I actively update, unlike this sad, lone website.

The domain itself was originally purchased in June, 2000. I use Dreamhost and WordPress. Aside from Itsy (queen or otherwise), I answer to both Becky and B. As of the writing of this about page, I’m pushing 30, live in New York, and am fighting a permanent battle against carpal tunnel. You probably don’t need to know about anything more, but if you do have questions, hit me.