A mighty fine life.

Miscellaneous Newsies Fic

So here is the ugly truth: I have written hundreds of thousands of words of Newsies fic, and a lot if them, if not actively bad, are at least very old and not necessarily very good. What I’ve rounded up in individual entries is the fic that I still like, either due to quality or sheer nostalgia, but there is a ton more of my Newsies fic out there in various places. Here’s a round-up of everywhere to check:

  • Fanfiction.net – Contains the majority of my older fic, with formatting errors due to FFnet’s various upgrades through the year.
  • Underage Smokers – The remains of my ancient, ancient Newsies site, with hand-coded versions of darned near everything I wrote up until about 2009.
  • The Refuge – The Newsies slash archive. Some bits and pieces here that aren’t anywhere else, though the formatting is kind of borked (and a lot of stuff is missing chapters).
  • Everything You’ve Done Wrong – An AU epic I co-wrote, which turned into an entire universe. The places to find all the pices of this are FFnet and LiveJournal.

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