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Yes, we're dead, but this one is noteworthy. Mitch Hedberg has died, and the world is a less funny place for it.
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Yarrrrrrrrrrr, matey.

Thar be a plot summary for Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest:

"It turns out, Captain Jack owes a blood debt to the legendary Davey Jones, ruler of the ocean depths and captain of the ghostly Flying Dutchman." (And so forth.)

Well... This should be interesting, at least. It wouldn't work to go from a movie about zombies to something with no random magic evil at all; hopefully this will manage to catch the same vibe as the first movie. Because if it doesn't, lordy, it'll be bad.
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We just put it 'round we're going there.

I often feel sad that cartoons are not nearly as cool as they were when I was a kid. But then there's this:

Stan Lee, Ringo Starr Team to Develop New Animated Superhero Franchise

And then, I just don't know what to think.
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email this female your love

In my alternate career as The Girl Attempting To Read The Entire Internet, I have seen a lot of bad manga-style drawings. Mostly they're supposed to be "funny" -- think two tiny mushroom-looking creatures with big eyes and sweat drops, and then a falling anvil in the corner, and a caption that says, like, "I told you to watch out, Spock!" for example. Often they bear no relationship whatsoever to the people they are alleged cartoons of. There's one that claims to be Stargate characters, and I have spent many an hour puzzling over just WHO the girl with the red hair and glasses is supposed to be. Cassie? Dr. Frasier? Beverly Crusher? God only knows.

Today I stumbled across one that's expertly drawn (it's Strangers in Paradise-ish), and actually funny. It's a not-very-subtle send up of X-Tina and Britney (sample dialogue: "The messages I'm sending are that I like boys, hate hunger, support our President, and love all my fans!") from the lesbian kiss to the 2-day marriages. If real (i.e., paper) comics looked this good, I might still read them.
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Claudia Black Guest Stars

I'm quite pleased with how all-out SciFi is going to hype Claudia Black's guest spot on Stargate this Friday (at 8! Be there!). She and Michael are the picture on the front page of the site, and now they've put up a 30 second teaser for the episode. I've never seen them do that before, and since I visit that page every couple of months, I figure I've been there more than pretty much anyone. Except maybe the people who keep posting "Who Lovs Daneil Jackson???!!??" on the bulletin board.

Of course, if SciFi realizes what a hot property they have in Claudia, it does beg the question "What were you jackasses thinking when you cancelled Farscape?"
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the harsh light of truth

Buffalo's The Beast has a list of the the 50 Most Loathsome People of 2004. They range from entertainers to politicians, with an emphasis on the latter. It's a funny piece, and also brutal. An excerpt:

39. Tom Cruise

Crimes: Inexplicable stardom. In a just world, Brendan Fraser would get an Oscar before this carbon copy of every other rich asshole cokehead with a fast car. Consistently influential in casting women in his movie for the sole purpose of nailing them. Extremely convincing when he plays an ambitious, superficial prick.

Smoking Gun: Always plays an ambitious, superficial prick.

Punishment: Caught in the act with Vin Diesel.


34. Clarence Thomas

Crimes: On the wrong side of every Supreme Court decision since he got the job carrying Scalia's golf clubs.

Smoking Gun: Angry black man routine during Anita Hill hearings was the most forced overacting this side of Keanu Reeves' tantrum in Johnny Mnemonic.

Punishment: Led out of the Court in chains after inadvertently casting the deciding vote to reinstitute slavery.

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Some of us around here (by which I mean me) are too young to remember Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. But then again, some of us are also television and history geeks, and so we're deeply saddened anyway. But not having much of a personal perspective on it, rather than trying to say anything nice or touching myself, I'll direct you to this lovely piece.

I will say this, though. He preferred Letterman over Leno, and that speaks wonders for his taste.
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